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About Us

A frustrated young kiwi created SurgePoint to challenge the lumbering Utility Industry, resistant to innovation and personal connection.

Starting out from a dorm room, SurgePoint now services thousands of New Zealanders and continues to foster a Young and Bold mentality that pushes our team toward providing convenience, flexibility, and personal connection.


All connected households are part of the SurgePoint family and we welcome you to join us on our journey to take on the Utility Industry!


Our Vision is to be the first choice affordable and customer-centred utilities provider for all New Zealanders.


Our Mission is to handle the details of a seamless transition into your new home with flexible and convenient provision of utility connections. 

Our Values



We believe that you hold the power. There are those times when you need it all and other times, things change. At SurgePoint, flexibility is the core of our promise to you, so you can chop and change as you need to – no hassle, no questions, no problem.

With the flexibility to change, open contracts and easy, seamless provision of core utilities, convenience is the hallmark of our service and our commitment to every customer.


Plugging in to the things you need, whenever you need them; chatting to a person who can actually

help; accessing fast, reliable, affordable services – it’s all about connections.

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