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SurgePoint Power

Moving homes or looking to switch power companies in New Zealand? SurgePoint is here for you.


No fixed term
No ties


We are pretty sure that you will love our services, but if you are unhappy with us, you can say goodbye at any time with no exit penalty.

 All under one bill

Switch in the blink
of an eye


Get your broadband, power and gas all under one bill with SurgePoint. Save time and less hassle


We will take care of all the details for you. Your home will be powered by SurgePoint in no time after confirmation. 

Find out more about power user classes 

Standard User or Low User?

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Regardless of which user you are under, you will be billed on both a daily rate and a usage rate per kilowatt hour (kWh). 

If you use more than 650 kWh/month

If you use more than 650 kWh/month

Low User 

Standard User 

If you have a change in situation (for instance, change in season, and you are using more electricity in winter), you can switch for free between user plans once a year. You are just one call away from making any changes to your plan!
We are here for you. 


Also looking for gas?

Natural gas, a more convenience option. With pipped gas, you will never have to refill or run out of gas again. 
Not sure if there is natural gas in your street? Not sure if your current address is already connected to natural gas? You can use the link below from Gas Industry Co.  to search for natural gas status in your address.

Check my address 


Natural Gas

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) can be a great substitute for natural gas, especially if natural gas is not reticulated in your address. LPG 45Kg bottled gas is made up of two costs:

  • Delivery charge (per cylinder)

  • Cylinder rental (per day)

LPG 45Kg

Get more info on the rates by submitting the form below. 

Check out your electricity/gas rates

Power up today with SurgePoint

Thank you! We will get back to you soon with the rates.

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